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Cheetos Puff Cheese 7/8oz

Cheetos Puff Cheese 7/8oz

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Grab a bag of Cheetos Puffs Cheese Flavored Snacks when you want to please the whole family. These deliciously crispy mischief makers are dangerously cheesy and help to amplify the fun when you fill a bowl for family movie night. Enjoy the good times with friends and family as you lick the orange dust from your fingers and feel like a kid at heart. The perfect anytime snack. 

Take a bag of Cheetos Puffs Cheese Flavored Snacks to your next backyard barbecue to let the playful shenanigans commence, or take a bag along with you on your next road trip for a cheesy treat that is fun to eat with others. Connect with others as you pass a bag around at your next casual get together, or share a bag with co-workers at break time to enjoy a spontaneous and playful late-afternoon snack. Cheese-flavored snack Made with real cheese Great for sharing Puffy, crispy snack Dangerously cheesy treat

Small 7/8Oz

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